Friday, November 17, 2006

Ask election victors to help fight poverty

Another of my letters to the editor published in the Republican and Herald. For more info on how you can help fight global poverty, please visit Now. Make with the clickey.

Sending a signal back in time

If only you could. Of course, if it were possible, why hasn't your future self sent you a message to prevent some stupid thing you've done (in last week's The Office, Jim, using pilfered stationary, sent Dwight a fax from "Dwight's future self" alerting him to a potential catastrophe; hilarity ensued).

Via Slashdot (where else do you get good geek news about reverse causality?).

Monday, November 06, 2006

No one was precisely sure where it had come from. Everyone knew precisely where it hit. It struck a marine who was peering out of the first vehicle’s gun turret. He collapsed.

With Skill, Prayer, and Fury (from the New York Times)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry misspeaks; Republicans freak

Sigh. So Kerry botches a joke. Republicans start saying "Ooh, look! No respect for our troops! See what will happen if you let them nasty Democrats in office?!" It's absolutely mind-boggling that the GOP will exploit the smallest thing to divert attention from a failed Iraq policy, an incompetent president, a corrupt congress, and the rest of their myriad failings. If anyone is gullible enough to change their vote based on Kerry's bad joke, well, I guess that would explain how we got into this mess.