Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Are you allowed to fix your own tractor?

Can you fix your tractor when it breaks, or must you pay the exorbitant prices the "official" dealers charge (guess which one John Deere prefers)?

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

So is Marvel really blowing up their universe?

When DC blew up everything 30 years ago with Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was a mistake. They've tried to retrofit so much since then to recover from that mistake that they've made the problem much worse than the one they were trying to solve (i.e., convoluted continuity).

I guess Marvel wants to align with the movies' continuity and relieve themselves of all the baggage of decades of book continuity. I wish they wouldn't. We invested a lot of time following these stories, time that will be, well, lessened if it's all thrown away.

But hey, Disney, anything to make a buck, right? It's not really about, y'know, sharing joy and all those moral lessons that the movies preach. It's all a facade, a charade. It's all about the money, right? Ideals? Ethics? What kind of world do you live in, kid?

Sigh. Time will tell, I guess.