Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Molly Hatchet, Penn's Peak - June 9, 2012 setlist

  • Whiskey Man 
  • Bounty Hunter 
  • Gator Country 
  • American Pride 
  • Regrinding the Axes 
  • Drum Solo 
  • Beatin' the Odds 
  • The Creeper 
  • Dreams I'll Never See 
  • Free Bird (with Jimmie Van Zant)
  • Juke City 
  • Flirtin' with Disaster
And opening act Jimmy Van Zant Band:
  • That's How I Like It 
  • Traveling Man 
  • Double Trouble 
  • Simple Man 
  • That Smell 
  • Ray Ray's Juke Joint 
  • Ain't Quite MaryJane 
  • Feels Like Freedom 
  • Sweet Home Alabama
Unfortunately, no setlist for opening, opening act (yes, you read that right) Blackfoot. They did play CSNY's Ohio, I remember. Feel free to add more in the comments.

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