Thursday, April 04, 2019

Loudon Wainwright III Setlist, Opera House, Jim Thorpe PA - March 23, 2019

Another great show at the Opera House, with a great opening set by Jessy Tomsko (check out Wild and Good).

Loudon's setlist:
  • One Man Guy
  • God's Got a Shit List
  • You Can't Fail Me Now
  • Between
  • I Knew Your Mother
  • Heaven
  • The Sum of Recollection Just Keeps Growing
  • Bein' a Dad
  • Grammy Chronicles
  • In C
  • The Picture
  • OGM
  • Motel Blues
  • New Paint
  • It Ain't Gaza
  • White Winos
  • Hank and Fred
  • Middle of the Night
Setlist courtesy SetList.FM, as I didn't know the names of all the songs. Loudon's website.

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